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Tournament Regulations:

1. Invitation

1.1. The Sabah Chess Association (SCA) is honored to invite all chess players to participate in Borneo International Chess Championship 2018.
1.2. The Tournament will be held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 4th to 5th August 2018.
1.3. This Rapid FIDE rated event is organized by the Sabah Chess Association (SCA) and Sabah Chess Academy (SCAD).

2. Playing venue

2.1. All matches will take place at the Likas Square Hotel & Apartment playing hall.
2.2. The venue is located at the Likas Square Apartment Hotel, No. 1, Lorong Likas Square, Jln Istiadat Likas, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Any outstation participants who need accomodation at Likas Square Hotel & Apartment, please liaise with Logistic Team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Alternatively, you can book the room via online booking.

3. Technical regulations

3.1. The competition will be 9 rounds, with a single game for each round, Swiss format.
3.2. The rate of play is 25 minutes plus 10 seconds increment per move starting from move 1.
3.3. Players are not required to record the algebraic notation.
3.4. Default time shall be until the flag-fall after the start of the game. A player forfeits the game shall he or she has not appeared at the respective board after this time and will be excluded in the remaining rounds, unless the Chief Arbiter decides otherwise.
3.5. The tie-break criteria (Will be announced before the game start if there is any chance)
3.5.1. Direct-Encounter
3.5.2. Buccholz Cut 1
3.5.3. Buccholz Cut 2
3.5.4. Buccholz Cut 3
3.5.5. Fide Tie-break

3.6. The tie-breaks count to decide the medals and awards. For cash prizes, see 5.2.

4. Tournament schedule

4.1. The rounds schedule
Session 1: Round 1 to 5
4th August
8:30 AM - 5.00 PM
(Players Meeting will start at 8.00am)
Session 2: Round 6 to 9
5th August
8:30 AM - 3.00 PM
Session 3: Prize Presentation/Closing Ceremony
5th August
4:00 PM - 5.00 PM
4.2. The Chief Arbiter may issue additional written regulations to lay down the exact playing hours and take care of other details not covered.

5. Prize

5.1. Cash prizes (Junior)
No. 1. 300 USD + Medal + Challenge Trophy
No. 2. 200 USD + Medal
No. 3. 150 USD + Medal
No. 4. 100 USD + Medal
No. 5 75 USD + Medal
No. 6-10. 50 USD + Medals
No. 11-15 Medal only
Best Top 3
5.2. The prizes shall be decided by their final standings based on the tie-breaks.
5.3. A medal shall be awarded to each of the Best Top 3 Under 15 (boy and girl), Best Top 3 Under 12 (boy and girl), Best Top 3 Malaysians, Best Top 3 Borneons, Best Top 3 Women and Best Top 3 Persons with Disabilities respectively.

6. Each winner eligible to receive only one award, whichever is higher.

7. A certificate of achievement will be awarded to the winners and a certificate of participation shall also be awarded to all players who finish all games.

8. To register, kindly fill in your detail via online entry form here:

8.1. Entry fee
8.1.1 Free entry fee and 2 nights accommodation at Likas Square Hotel & Apartment (on twin-sharing basis) shall be given to the first 20 GM/WGM/IM in total who sign up and confirm their participation by showing the proof of travelling (flight ticket) for this event. Please liaise direct
with Mr Chi Yin Phin at +6012-827 9991 Ms Joeanne Lee at +6012-8030533.
8.2 Junior Category
8.2.1 Unrated Malaysian RM 120
8.2.2 Rated Malaysian RM 100
8.2.3 Unrated Sabahan RM 90
8.2.4 Rated Sabahan RM 60
8.2.5. Non-Malaysian USD 35
8.3. FIDE ID is required for unrated Non-Malaysians.
8.4. The entry fee shall be paid to:
8.4.1 Bank Info
Account Name: Persatuan Catur Negeri Sabah
Bank Account : 5602-5011-4421
Bank Name: Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank)
Branch: Karamunsing
Bank Address: Bangunan Maybank, No. 1, Lorong Kemajuan, Karamunsing, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
8.5. Please send the entry form by email to the Tournament Organizing Secretary (see 10.1).
8.6. All registrations shall be made not later than 20th July 2018. Early bird Closing date: 20th June 2018 (get limited edition BICC merchandise)
8.7. The Organizers reserve the right to reject any entry.

9. Tournament Conditions

9.1. Players are required to attend the Players' Meeting on the day of the Opening at a time to be decided by the Chief Arbiter and the Organizers. If
necessary, the Chief Arbiter may call other Players' Meetings.
9.2. The players are not permitted to speak to their opponents during the games. A player may talk only to an arbiter or communicate with an assistant. Appropriate sporting behavior is expected from all participants.
9.3. A protest against any decision must be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Appeals Committee within 15 minutes after the game, or the
particular infringement complained against. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.
9.4. Each protest must be accompanied by a deposit fee of RM 200. If the protest is accepted, the fee shall be returned. If the protest is rejected, then, in this case, the Organizers reserve the right to withhold the deposit fee.
9.5. All players are not permitted to bring into the playing hall any electronic or technical or other equipment extraneous to play, which may in any way disturb or upset the opponent or may be in breach of the Rules of Chess. The Chief Arbiter shall decide what constitutes extraneous equipment liable to offend the opponent or may be in breach of the Rules of Chess.
9.6. Players are requested to note the requirements of FIDE Regulations C.01 (Article 8.1) in respect of their dignified appearance at all times during the matches. Slippers/sandals, singlet, shorts, tights and the like shall not be allowed.
9.7. Should a player be in repeated breach of any of these regulations, the Organizers reserve the right to expel the player from the tournament. In this case, the expelled player will not have any right to any prize money and/or award, irrespective of his or her standing at the time of expulsion.
9.8. At any time in the course of the application of these regulations, any grounds that are not covered or any unforeseen event shall be referred to the Tournament Director for a final decision.

10. Contacts

10.1. Organizing Secretary:
Name: SCA
Phone: +60 12 810 7388
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.