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Sahim juara Kejohanan Catur Rapid Terbuka Sabah

Daily Express, 1 Mac 2017 (Rabu)

Villanueva Nelson tops chess competition - Sabah Times 22nd Dec 2014

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Abdul Sahim, Adam johan Speed Master & Chess Rapid

Abdul Sahim, Adam johan Speed Master & Chess Rapid


Eyeing long-term development


Published on: Friday, March 21, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Forty-four Sabah sports associations received grants amounting to RM2.1 million from the Youth and Sports Ministry, to carry out their annual activities.

According to its Minister, Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan, the amount was intended generally for sports development through all the respective associations, especially for the newly registered associations.

"The State Government, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports is very keen about developing sports in Sabah and this is shown by the increasing monetary allocation year by year.

"It is our ultimate goal for Sabah to be the best in the national sports arena and we hope that these grants will help take our athletes one step closer to gold," he said.

Tawfiq said this while speaking during the grant presentation ceremony, which was held in the city centre, Thursday.

Also present during the ceremony were Ministry of Youth and Sports Permanent Secretary, Datuk Suzannah Liaw and Deputy Permanent Secretary, Penyuki Matta, Sabah Sports Board chairman Datuk Louis Rampas as well as representatives from the various sports associations.

According to Tawfiq, it is also high time for sports associations in Sabah to buck up and come up with a long-term 'blueprint' on how to launch Sabah onto the top in sports in Malaysia.

"Sabah has the most number of sports complexes where we have a total of 15 sports complexes where two are still under construction but Sabah's performance at the national level does not reflect this.

"That is why I am urging all sports associations to come up with a long-term planning blueprint, one that we can stick to, to ensure the development of sports in Sabah," he said.

When met after the ceremony, Tawfiq said that all the sports complexes in Sabah are in very good condition and whenever there is a need for upgrading or fixing, we will also do so immediately.

"Recently, we have also improved 10 football fields around Sabah and these are kampong fields so that our people can play for free with the Sports For All concept.

"This is because many youths have complained that it is quite difficult for them to play any sports especially football because there is a lack of good fields so we play our part by improving these fields," he said.

During the ceremony, the 44 sports who received grants through their respective associations are weightlifting (RM95,000), cycling (RM80,000), body building (RM38,000), netball (RM39,000), basketball (RM65,000), football (RM85,000), volleyball (RM30,000), lawn bowling (RM55,000), chess (RM14,000), gymnastics (RM60,000), golf (RM80,000), hockey (RM70,000), karate (RM80,000), cricket (RM35,000), fencing (RM85,000) and archery (RM85,000).

Shooting received RM65,000 followed by amateur athletics (RM95,000), sailing (RM90,000), petanque (RM20,000), table tennis (RM60,000), polo (RM13,000), rugby (RM75,000), amateur swimming (RM90,000), takraw (RM70,000), silat (RM33,000), slam bam (RM43,000), snooker and billiards (RM28,000), squash (RM40,000), taekwondo (RM75,000), tennis (RM42,000), tenpin bowling (RM55,000), boxing (RM60,000), judo (RM25,000), wushu (RM32,000), Sabah School Sports Council (RM20,000), rowing (RM10,000), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (RM10,000), Muay Thai (RM10,000), motorsports (RM10,000), painball (RM10,000), soft tennis (RM10,000) and Shorinji Kempo (RM10,000).

Meanwhile, several individual athletes were also given special grants and aids for them to carry out their training and participate in national and international events as well as healthcare.

The individual athletes include 71-year-old senior badminton player, Johnny Lo who will be participating in the All England Seniors Badminton Championship and Doris Jetirin Sitaun who will be the first Sabahan woman to scale Mount Everest, each receiving RM8,000.

Adam bags UMS chess title

Daily Express 26-10-2012 Adam bags UMS chess title


Al Kamil Kamin – Juara 2nd IBH Speedmaster 2012

Al Kamil Kamin – Juara 2nd IBH Speedmaster 2012


Masrin juara kejohanan catur

Masrin juara kejohanan catur