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History of SCAD

Sabah Chess Academy has officially operated in March 2017. It is the first and only FIDE Chess Academy in Malaysia. The idea to set up a chess academy was mooted by SCA (Sabah Chess Association) President, Mr. Muammar Julkarnain sometime in Nov 2015 which was published in the Daily newspaper. The well equipped academy to function as centre for systematic chess learning system among young generation i.e. Gen-Y and Gen-Z in Sabah.

Further, according to MJ, the main purpose of the academy is not to create a world champion but to create young generation with all the right attributes for human capital development. He further added that chess is a gymnasium of mind for young children that compliment academic excellence.

Finally, the academy will become a HOME to all chess players to get together and to socialize among themselves and create One Chess Family in Sabah.


Executive Chairman – Mr. Muammar Julkarnain


Deputy Chairman – Mr. Sophian A Yusof



Executive Director I – Mr. Chi Yin Phin


Executive Director II – Mr. Kamino Marino



SCAD Chess Trainers Certified and Endorsed by FIDE:

1. FIDE Trainer – 1

2. FIDE Instructors – 13

3. National Instructor – 14

4. Developmental Instructors – 2

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