Al Kamil Kamin is the first 960 & Blitz Champion !!

Al Kamin Kamin receiving the prize from SCA’s Vice President (Women), Ms. Evelyn Leong.


2nd Place, Abdul Sahim Wising


3rd place, Mahimad Petrus


4th place, Awang Mohd Syafie Mohd Kifflee


5th place, Junaidih Halil


6th place, Mohd Aizan Ermando


7th place, Jublee Eging


8th place, Jumis Hasibin


9th place, Almando Abbil


10th place, Jairan Ibrahim




Best Government, Hosdi Soupin


Best IPT, Mohd Helmey Safwan Tola


Best Primary School, Muhd Tirmidzi Abdul Sahim


Best Secondary School, Chiew Zhi Cheng Brilliant


Best Women, Manika Sopani

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