David Chin wins Sabah Chess Masters 2020 !!

David Chin still got it.


Ex-state champion in 80’s and 90’s, Mr. David Chin wins the Sabah Chess Masters held in Sabah Chess Academy, Kingfisher recently. He scored 12 points out of 15 beating other 14 participants.
2nd place goes to Awang Mohd Syafie Mohd Kifflee who scored 11.5 out of 15 and 3rd place goes to Masrin Erowan scored 10 out of 15 points. These top three will be represent Sabah for the upcoming Malaysian Chess Championship held in Kuala Lumpur somewhere in March.

The Sabah Masters chess tournament begins in 31st of January and ends in 9th of February 2020 with 90 minutes + 30 second time control. Sabah Chess Association plans to organise 2 more tournaments with the same time control in the upcoming Sabah Kaamatan Open and El Clasico Chess Tournament this year. 


Final rank click here –> Sabah Masters 2020


2nd place, Awang Mohd Syafie Mohd Kifflee (right) 


3rd place, Masrin Erowan (left)



4th place, Charles Lucas


5th place, Mohd Faizal Roslan


6th place, Mohd Aizan Ermando


7th place, Abdul Sahim Wising


8th place, Mahimad Petrus


9th place, Gazalee Mohd Ismail


10th place, Muhd Yusop Abu Bakar


12th place, Richard Conrod Kimbin


13th place, Almando Abbil


14th place, Hosdi Soupin


15th place, the only female player Jennica Fay Jossly (left)


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