Magic Reborn wins SCA Inter Team Chess Open 2019

 Magic Reborn : From right, Awang Mohd Syafie Mohd Kifflee, Shahril Al-Takwa and Datu Mohd Wafi Irfan with SCA President, Muammar Julkarnain.


2nd place, KASTAM A (from right : Afzan Hamizan Abdul Rahman, Zainal Samat dan Saraggan Amir)


3rd place, KB KNIGHT (from right : Jublee Eging, Jumis Hasibin and Mohd Hamizan Abdullah)


4th place, RIASHAH ENT (from right : Almando Abil, Abdul Sahim Wising and Mohd Tirmidzi Abdul Sahim)


5th place, GEMSTONE EMPEROR (from right: Mustapha Kamal Hamzah, Chiew Zhi Cheng Brilliant and Junaidih Halil (not present)










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